Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Internet TV from a newspaper company

If you haven't checked out http://www.hamptonroads.tv/ lately, they've gotten over their growing pains and their servers feed video smoothly now. It finally works the way it should and it's an interesting place to visit.

HamptonRoads.tv is a huge internet-only TV station created by Landmark Communications / Pilot Media Companies, whose Virginian-Pilot newspaper is the largest metro in Virginia. (They also own the Weather Channel and multimedia powerhouse Roanoke.com) Visual Journalists at the Virginian-Pilot contribute pieces to hamptonroads.tv, but the majority of local content comes from dedicated hamptonroads.tv shooters.

They have channels on their player and you can get world, national, and local content, as well as viewer-contributed.

Their ".com is so yesterday" intro is worth the price of admission.

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