Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Kurt Andersen from New York Magazine has a column about online newspaper video which succinctly sums up the possibilities of the medium and why quality is important in what we do. It is a must-read.

From "You Must Be Streaming:"

"The lessons seem obvious: Don’t do Web video if you don’t have anything interesting to show, and don’t compete with TV unless you can do something they can’t or won’t. In other words, use the medium."

About Travis Fox, from the Post: "Fox sees himself as a sort of quiet revolutionary, eager to overthrow the ancien rĂ©gime: “The possibility to replace television is in sight.”

And, "Ann Derry, the Times’ video No. 2, enthusiastically but very calmly says, “We are reinventing journalism.”


Lilly E. said...

Chuck-great read, thanks for posting. great blog too by the way (been reading). I saw Travis Fox a few years back at the Poynter Institute, he showed a very moving piece called "Rebuilding a Fortress, Rebuilding a Life"..http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/photo/nation/911/flocco/index.htm Here it is, If part 2 doesn't make your eyes water, than you are a robot...anyway, just mentioning him bcuz his name came up in the article..

joseph hollak said...

Chuck -

Just found the blog. Great content.

Thank you from a j-student entering the video realm from shooting stills initially.

Keep it up, I'll be reading.